What we do

We create successful brands for our clients.

We work closely with leading brands, well known publications and high profile personalities, to create authentic new products and valuable new revenue streams.

  1. A strategic approach to developing opportunities for existing brands or personalities to credibly enter new product categories via the direct to retail (DTR) license model.
  2. Complementary partnerships and collaborations between brands and major retailers to create authentic products.

Who we are

A unique team of professionals with a combination of skills, knowledge and experience of global brands, major retailers, the best creative agencies, and the commercial representation of high profile personalities.

Driving projects from start to finish, idea to inception – ensuring continuity via a dedicated account team throughout the full concept to market process. We understand brands and retail, and we are 100% independent.

Bringing these together we create new long term revenue streams, through brand extensions that our clients are proud to be associated with.

Get In Touch – our ‘office’ email address goes to a real person immediately, so please get in touch.